The Jugtip Letters (Part 2): The Deadly Lie

By Lane Noble

My dear Murdrid,

I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed in your naivete. Even the least competent of tempters would have known better than to make the mistake that you have made! I should say I’m a little hesitant to give you any more wisdom if you’re going to be this stupid!

What gets me the most is that you don’t even know what you’ve done wrong! I should not even have to spell this out for you! However, since I care both for you and for our cause, I will explain your grave mistake.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your assignment is a Christian. Never mind the fact that they are only in middle school. Do you really think that the Enemy will let the age of your convert get in the way of His plans for the young man? My boy, I thought I taught you better than that!

As a child of the Enemy, your assignment will, despite their age, inevitably be tempted to seek guidance and discipleship from a mentor. Remember in my last letter I told you that discipleship is exactly what should not happen? You claim that there was nothing that you could do to stop him. Yet you did not even try to stop him!

There are times, especially when your assignment is a child of the Enemy, where you will not be able to prevent discipleship. That’s to be expected, and it can be excused. However, just because it is difficult to stifle a Christian’s spiritual “growth” does not mean that it is impossible!

Your assignment in particular was worried about his habit of masturbation and wanted to seek guidance on how to get it under control. My dear Murdrid, your assignment is only twelve years old. All you had to do was whisper to him that if anyone knew of his sexual sin, then he would be judged, or worse, alienated from everyone that knew of it. What would his youth minister say if he confessed such sin after becoming a Christian? That would have made him think twice about coming to the youth minister.

Furthermore, even if your attempts had failed, you still could have conferred with the tempter of the boy’s youth minister about butchering the whole conversation. Yet you did nothing but panic and write me a stupid letter about how you did not know what to do. Even the most incompetent of tempters would have known what to do in that situation.

I will not be surprised when our father fires you from this position and potentially punishes you for your idiocy. You will probably have to repeat your training, and you will be given a much more boring assignment. You’ll probably be given a militant atheist. They do the vast majority of the work. Especially as adults. All you have to do is counter all the truth that they come across, which is no difficult task.

Remember this pivotal truth Murdrid. If you take nothing else away from this letter, do take this away: All human beings are broken, and the key to “fixing” that brokenness is honesty with both the Enemy and with another Christian. If you want to counter the process of repentance, all you need to do is to make your assignment think that they are too broken to be fixed and that if they were to ever come forward with their struggles, they would be rejected and alienated from those they want to be liked by and respected by.

Pride and fear are your greatest weapons in these situations. Do not ever forget that.

I must say that I cannot believe I even had to write this letter. You had an opportunity handed to you and you blew it.

Let me know if you get reassigned and what I can do to support you.

Your dear and disappointed uncle,


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