How I Respond to the Problem of Evil

By Penn-Noble One of the most common objections to Christianity, if not the most common objection to Christianity, is an argument that we now call the problem of evil. Whenever I have conversations about the existence of God with others, it’s rare that this question doesn’t come up. The question, of course, is this: “HowContinue reading “How I Respond to the Problem of Evil”

Should Science and Theology Be Separated?

By Penn-Noble Science has been defined as the systematic study of the natural world, and rightly so. That is a generally agreed-upon definition and there’s nothing particularly controversial about that. However, there is disagreement over whether that definition excludes any consideration of the “supernatural.” Now, when I say there is disagreement, I don’t mean amongstContinue reading “Should Science and Theology Be Separated?”

Books That I Recommend That Have Strengthened My Faith

By Penn-Noble I am thankful to live in a time and place where I have access to all sorts of great resources to strengthen and deepen my walk with Christ. I constantly have to repent for not taking enough advantage of them. That said, I wanted to compile a list of books that have deepenedContinue reading “Books That I Recommend That Have Strengthened My Faith”

A Rare Gift: In Honor of My Father

By Penn-Noble Over the past few years, it has been common for me to hear this from people. “I found my first playboy under my dad’s bed.” “Dad let me try my first beer at seven years old.” “My dad was pretty absent growing up.” We live in a world where men have become children.Continue reading “A Rare Gift: In Honor of My Father”

Goodbye, Disney. A Former Disney Fanatic’s Letter of Resignation from the Fan Club

By Penn-Noble Disney, you have been a huge part of my life. It may sound odd to sound this sentimental towards a company such as Disney, but to be honest, many of my interests, hobbies, inspirations, and aspirations have been formed by it. Growing up, Walt Disney was always one of my heroes. I alwaysContinue reading “Goodbye, Disney. A Former Disney Fanatic’s Letter of Resignation from the Fan Club”

We Are Almost There: A Call to Prepare for Another Historic Battle

By Penn-Noble We’ve been through a lot in the United States of America. As a country, I am thankful that we have been so successful in fighting many of the different evils that we have been guilty of over the years. We put slavery to rest in the 1800s. Nowadays, neither the government nor yourContinue reading “We Are Almost There: A Call to Prepare for Another Historic Battle”

One of My Greatest Blessings: A Tribute to My Mother

By Lane Noble “Never take for granted having a godly mother.” –Donald Penn It would take multiple libraries to be able to properly honor my mother in writing. However, since this is a blog post, I will do my best to do it in this small space I have here on the internet. My grandfatherContinue reading “One of My Greatest Blessings: A Tribute to My Mother”

Responding to Online Skeptics: Is Suzie Ignorant?

By Penn-Noble In this installment of “Responding to Online Skeptics,” I’m going to be responding to a YouTube video put out by the channel “The Thinking Atheist.” Run by Seth Andrews, this is a channel dedicated to advocating for secularism and criticizing religion. Especially Christianity. Despite the name of the channel, I have to sayContinue reading “Responding to Online Skeptics: Is Suzie Ignorant?”

Responding to Online Skeptics: Is the Babylon Bee Promoting Bigotry?

By Penn-Noble This post is the first of the new Responding to Online Atheists series. This is a series dedicated to examining and lovingly responding to claims by secular skeptics of the Bible. On March 21, Kevin Davis, writing for Only Sky, wrote a blog post entitled The Babylon Bee Chooses Misgendering as its hillContinue reading “Responding to Online Skeptics: Is the Babylon Bee Promoting Bigotry?”

The Jugtip Letters (Part 2): The Deadly Lie

By Lane Noble My dear Murdrid, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed in your naivete. Even the least competent of tempters would have known better than to make the mistake that you have made! I should say I’m a little hesitant to give you any more wisdom if you’re going to be thisContinue reading “The Jugtip Letters (Part 2): The Deadly Lie”

The Jugtip Letters (Part 1): The Unknown Target

By Lane Noble The Jugtip Letters are a series of fictional blog posts that imitate C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters.” Jugtip, a senior demon, mentors his nephew Murdrid, in how best to tempt humans towards sin and detract glory from God. My dear Murdrid, I’m delighted to hear that your training went very well, andContinue reading “The Jugtip Letters (Part 1): The Unknown Target”

The Heart of the Free Speech Debate

By Lane Noble The past five years have brought many structural changes to the “free speech debate.” I use that language carefully and intentionally because for many years, debates over free speech and the nature of individual rights to free speech have taken many different forms. In many cases, the debate hasn’t centered on whetherContinue reading “The Heart of the Free Speech Debate”